30+ Colorful and Interesting Beetle Facts

A beetle is a very common small insect. They are common and seen in almost every habitat except oceans and arctics. Beetles are known for their hardened wing cases. They are the largest order of insects and the most diverse group of animals. They are found in many sizes from large to small. Beetles are historically kept as pets and as fighting insects. Beetles are also known for cycling dungs. But not all beetles are dung Beatles.

Beetles are written and talked about many many times. You can read and see lots of content about them. In many ways, they have a large impact on our ecosystem and environment. As the largest order of insects, they have a direct impact on nature. There are many unknown or less known facts about beetles. We have gathered some of the most interesting facts about beetles.

With over 4,00,00 known species beetles are almost 40% of all insect species and almost 25% of all living animals.

New species of beetles are continuously found. Scientists estimate the total number of all beetle species can be over 1.5 million.

The larva of The Goliath beetles are the heaviest stage for any insects.

Hercules beetle is the largest beetle species. They can grow up to an overall length of at least 16.7 cm.

Scydosella is the smallest species of beetles. The average size of the beetle species is 0.338 mm.

Beetles are classified as the order Coleoptera. The name was given to them by the Greek philosopher Aristotle.

Fossil records show that beetles are living on the Earth for about 270 Million Years.

Beetles can make loud sounds by rubbing one body part again another.

Beetles chew their food, unlike many other insects.

Many beetle species can fly.

Some beetle species like the Bark beetles kill over millions of trees every year.

Beetles really have interesting names. Tortoise beetles, lizard beetles, rhinoceros beetles, cigarette beetles, carpet beetles are some beetle species.

The Onychocerus Albitarsis is a venomous species of beetles. Very rare and only found in Amazon and Atlantic forest regions in Brazil, Bolivia, Paraguay, and southern Peru are the only species of beetle that has a venomous sting.

Some beetle species can live very long. Like the Eburia quadrigeminata has a record of living 40 years inside hardwood.

There are glowing beetles. Pyrophorus is a glowing beetle. Even common fireflies are also a family of insects in the beetle order.

Some species of longhorn beetles mimic wasps.

The eggs and larvae of tropical click beetle produce light.

Dung beetles not only eat animal feces they also lay inside the feces of animals.

Beetles are a very popular food in many parts of the world. In fact, they are humans eat more beetles than any other insects.

The life of a beetle is divided into four major stages. These are egg, larva, pupa, and adult.

Dung beetles can be used to remove cattle feces from grasslands.

People used to collect beetles as a hobby in the Victorian era. British naturalist Alfred Russel Wallace was supposed to have the largest collection of beetles with over 83,000 beetles.

Beetles communicate with each out by vibrations, pheromones, and sounds.

A stag beetle from Japan was sold for a whopping 83,000 us dollars. Currently, it holds the crown of the most expensive insect of all time.

Dung beetle is considered the world's strongest insect. These beetles can pull things that weigh 1,141 times their own body weight. Which can be compared to an average human of 70-kilo grams pulling six double-deckers.

Living beetles are used as cyborgs to conduct surveillance work research.

The Bombardier beetle is notoriously famous for its chemical-based defense weapon. It can fire chemicals from the tip that can reach a temperature of up to 270°C in some African bombardier beetles.

Weevils are the most common beetles in the world.

Tiger beetles move so fast that they turn themselves blind. The equivalent of the speed of human movement can be 770 kilometers per hour.

Sabertooth longhorn beetles stay in their larva stage for around ten years. As adults, they live for only a few months.

Stag beetles sometimes grow horn-like rhinoceros beetles.

In ancient Egypt, beetles were considered sacred. Even they were mentioned as the symbol of the sun in manuscripts.

Greek scriptures mentioned beetles as an ingredient of spells.

The art of beetlewing is inspired by beetles.

Beetles are one of the oldest parts of our ecosystem. In many ways, they are important parts of our environment. They are beautiful, fascinating, and interesting insects. According to the records of IUCN 60% of the recorded population of beetle species is declining. There are many reasons that we are losing one of the oldest surviving species. Usage of pesticides, climate change, and potentially light pollution and disease are some of the reasons. Some beetles cause harm to agriculture but mostly beetles are good for nature and harmless. Being more cautious about keeping as many species of beetles as possible is important.