25+ Astonishing And Lovely Swan Facts

Swans are large aquatic birds. They are mostly white in color. In nature, they are the closest relatives of geese and ducks. Swans are common all over the world. Their divine beauty attracts us. Swans are distinctively recognizable for their long necks and large wings. They are majestic and we feel peaceful looking at them. They are one of the most beautiful birds. They are often symbolized as the birds of love. In many beliefs, swans are the symbol of purity. The name swan is derived from the Indo European word 'swen', which means to sing.

They usually live alongside water reserves like big ponds and rivers. Many poems are written based on the swans. Swans call is loud and can be heard from a distance. Swans are from the genus of waterfowls. Swans can swim and dive greatly. They are not so much aggressive and can be kept. There are several species of swans. They are often seen swimming peacefully at lakes. Swans are good flyers.

Swans pair up for life. Both parents take care of eggs. They are protective of chicks. Swans take care of offsprings for a certain period of time. They are incredibly social birds and love to live in flocks. They swim and fly together. Swans are migratory birds. In winter they migrate to warmer places. Though they mostly have a vegetarian diet, swans are omnivores. Sometimes they eat small fishes. Swans are common, but there are many unknown interesting facts about them. These are some interesting facts about swans:

Fact : Common swans evolved in Europe or western Eurasia at least 5 million years ago. They are one of the oldest bird species in the world.

Fact : There are seven swan species. They are Black Swan, Black-Necked Swan, Coscoroba Swan, Mute Swan, Trumpeter Swan, Tundra Swan, Whooper Swan.

Fact : Only the Coscoroba Swan is from the Coscoroba genus. The rest six species are from the Cygnus genus.

Fact : Trumpeter swan is the largest swan species. The wingspan of these swans can reach 250 cm. They are the largest waterfowl species.

Fact : Coscoroba swan is the smallest swan species. The wingspan of the Coscoroba swan can reach 160 cm.

Fact : Trumpeter swan is the longest living among all swans. In captivity, they can live up to 33 years.

Fact : Swans can fly up to the speed of 30 miles per hour. The average flying speed of swans is around 22-25 miles per hour.

Fact : Land speed of swans is quite remarkable for any bird. They can reach a speed of 22 miles per hour on land.

Fact : While migrating to warmer places in winter swans fly several hundred miles every day. They fly very high at 6000-8000 feet above the ground.

Fact : The male swan is called a cob and a female swan is called a pen. Baby swans are known as cygnets.

Fact : In contrast to many other avian species swan are incredibly loyal to their mates. They usually make a like long bond.

Fact : Swans usually lay one clutch of eggs. They take 30 days of incubation to hatch.

Fact : Swans are very protective of the little ones and can be aggressive while feeling threatened.

Fact : Cygnets usually spend six months with mom.

Fact : The Queen Of England is the official owner of all mute swans living in England and Wales.

Fact : Balck swans are native to Australia and New Zealand.

Fact : Swans have more vertebrae than mammals. They have 24-25 vertebrae.

Fact : Black swans can lay eggs multiple times a year.

Fact : Swans don't break pair. It's rare and only 4% of all pairs of mute swans are recorded to break pair.

Fact : Male swan takes special care of the female while laying eggs.

Fact : Black swan males sit on the eggs for more time than females.

Fact : Only Trumpeter swans can honk. It is because of their coiled, looping windpipe.

Fact : Mute swans are not really mute. But they are much quieter than other swans.

Fact : Bewick's swans make a 2,500 km long migration every year.

Fact : Swas was the symbol of religious piety in Greece in ancient times.

Fact : Fear of different things is known as different phobias. The fear of swans is known as kiknophobia or cygnophobia.

Swans are truly majestic and divine birds. They are a wonder of the avian world. Swans are the physical embodiment of devoted love and care. They are often targetted and hunted in their winter quarters. There are no known epidemics of swans. Next time you see a swan may you discover another amazing fact about them. For now, these are all we have about swans.

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