25+ Fascinating Brain Facts

The brain is the most important body part for animals with a nervous system. The brain makes all the decisions about what we do, what we think, and who we are. Some animal has large brains some very tiny. The brain controls all the body functions. It's also one of the first organs to develop in a body. The brain is also a very complex organ. The main function of a body is to keep the brain safe and sound. The development of the capabilities of an animal is directly connected with the animal's brain. The more developed brain an animal has the more advanced capabilities the animal has.

The first animal with a brain appeared several hundred million years ago. From the brain and species with a brain evolved in many ways. There are some species without brains. But most of the living animals has a brain. The brain is the key point of a neural system that creates control over the animal's body. The brain not only controls the body, but it also processes the sensations of our skin and other sensory organs. The brain also plays a vital role in the development of organs. Many brain diseases directly cause physical deformation of the animal.

The brain's functionality is now known to us. Now we know how the cells of the brain work. Yet many functionalities of the brain are still unknown to us. Research on different animal brains is continuously conducted by scientists. They are trying to solve mysteries about the brain. Neuroscience is the branch of science that discusses brains. They have discovered many amazing facts about the brains of different animals from different species.

Fact : Almost all animal brains are consist of two major types of cells. These are the Neurons and Glial cells.
Fact : Neurons are the most important cells. They send and receive signals from all of the body.
Fact : Different animals have different sizes of neurons.
Fact : Neurons in a single brain differs in size and functionality.
Fact : Glial cells operate functionalities like metabolism, insulation, and physical development.
Fact : Our brain is the fattiest organ of our body. 60% of the human brain is fat. Even on other animals brains are the fattiest part.
Fact : Alalcomenaeus is the first animal with a brain or a neural system. Scientists found a 520-million-year-old fossil of the marine animal with a complete central nervous system.
Fact : Sperm whale has the largest brain in the animal kingdom. Its massive brain can weigh up to 7-9 kilograms.
Fact : Ragworm has the smallest brain in the animal kingdom. Its brain has the width of human hair.
Fact : Octopus has the most complex brain among invertebrates. The octopus has almost 550 million neurons and the neurons are distributed through all of its body.
Fact : The Hydra, a sea animal has the simplest brain among animals. Evry neurons of a hydra's brain are connected only with only one circuit.
Fact : Human brain is the most powerful brain. Even it's considered the most powerful computer.
Fact : Human brain contains around a Quadrillion (10^15) connection, which is roughly the number of total stars in the milky way galaxy.
Fact : Human brain contains 100 billion neurons.
Fact : In human males have a slightly larger brain than females.
Fact : The Tree Shrew has the highest brain-to-body-mass ratio of any mammal.
Fact : The brain of a spider can overflow and reach its legs.
Fact : The sea squirt develops a brain at the Larva stage but later in life, it consumes the brain.
Fact : The passing of electrical and chemical information inside the brain can reach a speed of 400 kilometers per hour.
Fact : Though birds have a relatively small brain according to their body mass, they can recognize themselves in the mirror.
Fact : Asplanchna brightwellii brain has only 200 neurons.
Fact : In mammals African elephant has the highest number of neurons in the brain. The brain of an African elephant contains 2.57×10^11 neurons.
Fact : Leeches have the highest number of brains. They have 32 brains.
Fact : Starfish do have a brain but are not centralized. The nervous system of a starfish is distributed throughout its arms.
Fact : Many animals like some birds, whales, and dolphins only sleep with a half-brain. The other part of the brain is awake.
Fact : Cockroaches can live without brains for a week.

The brain is the most sophisticated and complex organ in the body of an animal. You are your brain. July 22 is the World Brain day. Love your brain, take care of it.