25+ Fascinating and Amazing Native Americans Facts

Native Americans are the people ar the people of the soil of what is now America. They are living on that land for 15,000 years now. Migrating from Siberia they riched the lands of now America at least 13,000 years ago. The term Native American is a common term used to refer to the indigenous people of America. There are many tribes recognized as native Americans. Native Americans have their own culture, art, and lifestyle. After European explorers and sailors like Christopher Columbus discovered the new land the life of natives has dramatically changed.

European colonializations shortened the space of living for native Americans.The population of native Americans declined rapidly through introduced diseases, warfare, ethnic cleansing, and slavery. Native American life and culture have many fascinating facts that are unknown to many of us. We have gathered some of the most interesting facts about Native American people and tribes.

There are 574 recognized tribes of indigenous people. These tribes are all different from each other.

There's is no definite cause of native Americans' migration to the land. It may be just exploring new lands or search for food.

Most native Americans were farmers and some tribes were hunter-gatherer.

Though many people associate the native Americas with massive and feathered headdresses, many tribes don't wear headdresses at all.

The headdress is mostly for a man and each feature of a headdress is earned by some achievement. Every feather in a headdress has a meaning.

5.2 million native Americans live In the united states now.

There are over 300 languages of native Americans, some extinct in the recent past.

According to the last information from 2020, 167 indigenous languages are spoken in the US.

Southern Quechua is the most widely spoken native American language. At least 6 to 7 million speakers speak in this language.

In 1883, the US adopted the code of Indian Offenses, which banned many native American ceremonies.

Native Americans built many types of houses, including Wigwam Homes, Longhouses, Tepees, Grass Houses, Wattle and Daub Houses, hickees, Adobe Houses, Earthen Houses, and Plank Houses.

Inuits commonly known as Eskimos are also native Americans.

Some Pueblo families are still living in the same adobe house complexes their ancestors used to live in.

Tuscarora, is a native American language. Only 3 people speak the language.

Battle of Bear Valley is the last battle fought between Native Americans and the United States army.

Ishi was the last native American living completely in native culture.

Ishi was given his name by The anthropologist Alfred Kroeber. Because no one from his tribe was there to name him. He was from the Yahi tribe.

Native Americas are known as the First Nation people in Canada.

Many names and names of places are from Amerindian words. You can take Arizona, Connecticut, Kentucky, and Missouri as examples.

The word Barbecue, is from the Arawakan Indian language. It means a framework of sticks.

Chicago, Detroit, St. Louis, Kansas City, Pittsburgh, Pocatello, and many other places were places of native American villages.

Former First Lady of the United States Nancy Reagan, trace her roots to Pocahontas, a Native American woman notable for her association with the colonial settlement at Jamestown, Virginia.

Well known Apache tribe of Native Americans were not a single tribe. There are 8 apache tribes from different areas.

Apaches spoke 5 languages. One of them, Lipan is reported extinct.

Geronimo Goyaałé, was the last Apache chief. He led his tribesmen in many battles against Mexicans and the US military.

Native Americans performed Ghost Dance until 1890. It was performed from the belief that it will help restore the old way of life before the arrival of the Europeans. After that authority of the US outlawed the culture though it was peaceful.

The Navajo Code Talkers, who were a special group of volunteers who created an unbreakable secret code. They were One of the most notable groups from over 24,000 Native Americans served during WWII.

Touching an enemy in raids rather than injuring or stealing a horse was a great honor for Warriors of most Plains tribes. This war ritual was known as “coup”.

At the first hunt of a buffalo for a plainsman, he was offered the tongue of the animal. But he must refuse it and share it with his friends as a mark of generosity.

Native Americans have been living on the American continent since about 12,000 B.C. They were not a single nation but a rich variety of cultures, peoples, and languages. Some historians believe people have been living in South America for more than 30,000 years. A deep respect for all indigenous people from all corners of the globe.