30+ Cool And Interesting Dolphin Facts

Dolphins are a shiny, playful, and amazing creature. Dolphins are found mostly in the seas. Dolphins are famous for showing off their jumping capabilities. Dolphins are seen worldwide, mostly in warmer jones. The dolphin is one of many aquatic species that descended from land mammals. Dolphins are social animals. They live in small and larger groups. Dolphins are also widely known for their whistle-like calls.

Though many species are in good living conditions many Dolphins species are officially listed as endangered. Many people recognize the species as it is a common animal but many things are unknown to us about dolphins. Many mindblowing facts are found over the years about Dolphins. We have gathered many surprising and little known facts about dolphins.

Only four species of dolphins live in freshwater. A total of 36 species of dolphins is identified, while four of these species live in the river and the rest is oceanic.

Dolphins are mammals and they give birth to calves. Even the name Dolphin which is derived from the Greek word "delphís", means the fish with a womb. Dolphins even produce milk to nurture their children.

Killer whale is actually a species of Dolphins.

As like humans the bottlenose dolphins can recognize themselves in a mirror.

Dolphins don't sleep full brain. Dolphins sleep partially. This is called "unihemispheric slow-wave sleep". Dolphins breathe consciously. So they always sleep with only one part of there brain. While other parts are always active to breathe.

Dolphines are great at communicating with each other. They make a variety of noises to communicate.

Unlike many of water animals, dolphins have lungs. They breathe air from the water surface.

Dolphins sleep with one eye open. When the right eye is open the left eye is closed and vice versa.

There are hybrids of dolphins. The wolphin is one of them.

Dolphins have a good memory. Even in the animal kingdom, they have the longest memory.

Baiji was a dolphin species that have gone extinct as the first dolphin species in 2006.

Dolphins can live in many diverse weather and places. They can live in temperatures from 0 °C - 30 °C or more.

Though living in water dolphins don't drink water.

Dolphin is a social animal. Young calves live with their moms for at least 3 years. When they learn to communicate, hunt, and to defend themselves.

Adult dolphins have over 100 teeth.

Dolphins have evolved from a four-legged species lived on the surface of the earth called "Pakicetus".

Dolphins have no evolutionary changes in the last 5 million years.

Dolphins are great foodies. They eat up to 9% of their body mass.

Female dolphins help pregnant dolphins to give birth.

Mostly dolphins live 40 years on average.

The smallest dolphin species is Vaquita dolphins.

Largest Dolphin species is the killer whale.

Dolphins are present in many mythologies like Greek Myths where it is shown as helpers of humans.

There are military dolphins. Many militaries have trained dolphins for different roles.

Though dolphin's eyes are small as of its body size, they have good eyesight. Dolphins have a 300-degree panoramic vision.

16 of Dolphin species are now endangered. Even one of the smallest and known species Maui dolphin is on the verge of extinction.

Deepest dive by a dolphin ever recorded was 900 feet.

Dolphins have two stomachs. One for digestion and one for storing foods.

Dolphins can kill sharks with there nose.

Newborn dolphins have hair in their beak. Later they fall off.

Dolphins has smooth belly buttons.

From an early age of 4-6 months baby dolphins starts to hunt by themselves.

Dolphins are beautiful and intelligent animals. In many ways, we are threatening their lives. But a little care about them can dramatically change things for them. We should be more careful about dolphins to protect the species.