25+ Strange And Crazy Facts About Octopus

Octopus is a marine animal. Living exclusively in seas and oceans octopus is a very weird looking animal. Octopus is an animal from the Mollusca Phylum and classed as Cephalopoda. Octopus is a bilaterally symmetric animal. Cephalopoda means "head-foot" in greek that perfectly matches the octopus. Octopus is mostly harmless and shy. But they are good defenders.

Octopus is a common sea creature. Octopus is present in many modern and classic novels and stories. They are also depicted in many films. Most mythologies portray octopus as the monsters of the seas. There are many fascinating facts about Octopus. Let's know some less known facts about octopus.

Octopus is one of the oldest living species of the planet. The oldest fossil found of an octopus is at least 266 million years old.

An octopus has no bones. Its body is entirely made with skin and muscles.

There are around 300 known species of the animal.

The largest species of octopus is the giant Pacific octopus. Giant Pacific octopus adults usually weigh around 15 kg.

The smallest species of octopus is Octopus Wolfi. Full-grown adults of this species weigh less than 1 g.

In every ocean you can find octopus of different species.

The largest octopus ever recorded was a 272 kg giant Pacific octopus. This specimen has an arm span of 9 meters.

Octopus has three hearts. One to circulate blood around the body and rest two pump blood through each of the two gills.

Octopus lives a short life. Most species live for only 6 months. The Giant Pacific octopus lives for the longest of the species around five years.

Octopus is a predatory animal. Can also use toxins to hunt.

Octopus only takes care of eggs until hatch. They don't raise offsprings.

Octopus is an intelligent animal. They can store both long and short time memories.

Octopus uses Camouflage to hide from prey and to hunt.

Octopus can mimic rocks.

Every arm of an octopus can do different things at a time because they all have different neurons inside them.

Octopus uses ink to defend themselves that are produced inside in the gland.

Octopus ink contains tyrosinase, which is an irritating compound for the eyes of other animals.

The blood of the octopus is blue in color. This is because they have copper-based blood.

Octopus is a solitary animal and mostly lives alone.

The skin of an octopus can sense light.

Octopus sometimes shows behavior known as autophagy. They eat their own arms.

Octopus can use tools. Many octopuses use coconut shells as home.

Some Octopus uses stones as the door of their den.

Octopus arms can regrow if somehow lost.

Octopus lay 2,00,000 eggs at once.

Octopus can open a jar from both inside and outside.

Octopus has a clear vision than humans.

Octopus is a very important part of the marine ecosystem. In many ways, they help keep the natural balance. They are harmless, interesting animals. Let's be more curious about them and try to protect all species of octopus fine and secure.