30+ Craziest Frog Facts You May Not Know

A Frog is a known animal. Frogs are amphibians. They have diverse biological properties. Some frog species are big, some are very small. Frogs have been living on the surface of the earth for millions of years now. They are a pretty interesting animal. Frogs are mostly seen in warmer places. They live all over the globe except Antarctica. Many species of frogs are listed as an endangered animal. Many pieces of evidence show that frogs have roamed the Earth for more than 200 million years, as early as the dinosaurs.

Frogs are important for our ecosystem. They are one of the largest species also. In many ways frogs, directly and indirectly, have impacts on our environment. They are also very interesting animals. They are can be of many different sizes and colors. Many are poisonous. Some are small as fingernails whereas some are as big as chicken. Below are some mind-blowing frog facts.

Frog is one of the oldest evolved animals. The oldest found fossil of any frog-like animal is 265 million years old. This oldest frog-like animal was a T. massinoti.

Frogs are a very diverse animal. Around 6,400 species of frogs are found to date.

Frogs are the largest group of amphibians. Around 86% of all amphibians are frogs.

Not all frogs are toads. But all toads are frogs.

There are only two species of tailed frogs, Ascaphus montanus Mittleman and Myers and Ascaphus truei Stejneger.

The largest frog species is the Goliath frog. The largest recorded goliath was 32 cm in length and weighed 7.2 pounds.

Paedophryne amauensis is the smallest frog in the world. On average these frogs are 7.7 millimeters long.

Many frog species have poisonous skin that can kill a human.

Golden poison frog a dart frog is considered as the most poisonous frog. Their poison was used in the darts of native Americans where they got the name dart frog.

There are two venomous frog species, Bruno's casque-headed frog (Aparasphenodon brunoi) and Greening's frog (Corythomantis greeningi).

Some frogs can change skin color. They change their skin colors according to the atmosphere, weather, and temperature.

The tiny African arum frog is ivory in color. They usually habitats in swamps with arum swamp lily, which is white. But when the flower dies and becomes brown, the frog also changes its color to brown.

African clawed frogs darken when they feel uncomfortable.

Frog call is usually louder than it's appearance. Puerto Rican Coquí has the loudest call of any frog. The name caqui comes from its loud "CO" and "KEE" call.

Microhylidae frogs make little or no sound.

Frogs never drink water. They absorb water by their skin.

Frogs have lungs. But they do most of their respiratory works through the skin. Frogskin has special glands that can absorb oxygen and release carbon dioxide.

Frogs have multiple respiration system. There are at least three ways of occurring respiration in a frog body.

The longest recorded lifespan of a frog is 21 years. This was a frog from the species, Litoria caerulea.

Rana temporaria, commonly known as the European common frog is the most common species of frogs.

Female frog deposit unhatched eggs as food.

The cane toad lays the most eggs at a time. A cane toad can lay over 35,000 eggs at a time.

African frogs can make enormous 14 feet jumps. These are the longest jumping frog.

Surinam toads females absorb their eggs into their backs. And their offsprings hatch from the back. They shed off the thick skin after the new toads born.

Frog shades skin once a week. They eat the skin after shedding.

Male Darwin's frog raises offsprings inside the mouth, around in his vocal sac for about six weeks.

A group of frogs is called an army.

Glass frog has transparent skin. All of its internal organs are visible through its skin.

There are frogs of every color you can imagine.

Frogs are often seen croaking. It has the function of amplifying sounds. It is also a way to attract females.

1,356 species of frogs around 36% of all species are considered to be threatened species.

From 1970 -2020, at least 200 species of frogs gone extinct.

Frogs are a magnificent animal. They are the perfect example of the evolutionary process. We must spread consciousness about keeping frogs safe. These are all we have about frogs today.