30+ Little Known Facts About Onions

Onion is a common vegetable. Almost every day we consume onion in many ways. Onion is cultivated and used in various ways all over the world. You must have experience crying cutting onions. Onion is one of the oldest food consumed by humans. Onion is used both as vegetable and spice. Onion is available in raw, paste, and powder forms. The medicinal properties of onion are described from ancient times.

Onions have been eaten by man for thousands of years. It's a very common vegetable. By consumption, amount onions are the world’s 6th most popular vegetable crop. It's also considered a spice in many cultures and cooking styles. Onion has many things to offer. Many things you may not hear about this daily food. These are some less known facts about onions.

Onion is on the food table for over 7,000 years.

China is the biggest producer of onion. Followed by Mali and Niger.

Wild onion is extinct. We have to cultivate onions to have them.

Around 35 onion varieties are there, all of them are consumed.

The largest onion ever recorded was an over 15 lb Kelsae Sweet Giant Onion. It was 33 inches in dia.

Shallot is the smallest onion variety.

Onion is in the Allium genus with the garlic, scallion, shallot, leek, chive.

The vegetable body of onion is called the onion bulb.

Onions are Asian by roots. Onion first appeared in central Asia.

Onion is mentioned in the bible.

Onion slice can soothe insect bites.

There are an expression "Layers of the onion" which means revealing new layers of something.

Onion is a low-calorie food with 40 calories available per 100 grams.

Some studies proved that onion can prevent cancer. Specially colorectal cancer.

Onion is a nutritious vegetable rich in vitamins and minerals.

The amount of Vitamin C is particularly high in onions.

Onion is a good source of potassium.

Onion can lower risks of fatal heart attacks.

Average onion consumption in the US has increased by 50% by the last couple of decades.

Onion breath can be reduced by eating parsley.

Price of onion has become a political issue in southeast Asia.

McGill University's Office of Science & Society showed in research that "keeping cut onions for overnight makes it poisonous" is a myth.

Eating raw onions can be fatal for dogs.

In the middle ages, people in Europe used to pay rents with onions.

Now known as the Big Apple the New York City was once called Big Onion.

South Korean fast-food carries as much as 20 times more onion than American fast-food

During the Olympics athletes used onions as strength-booster in Greece in the 1st century AD.

Average person consumes over 13 pounds of onion every year.

Onion was brought to America by Europeans.

In ancient Egypt onions were an object of worship.

Onion cells are large and perfect for practicing microscopy.

Because of the presence of sulfur we cry cutting them.

Cutting onions under running water to avoid crying.

Onion is a very common food with lots of nutritions. Onion also carries some outstanding medicinal properties. Have a healthy life with onions.