22+ Fun Facts About Oranges (Citrus)

Orange is one of the most popular fruits around the world. Orange is found in almost every part of the world. Often referred to as citrus, it is juicy, tasty, and filled with juice. Orange is a source of Vitamin C. For thousands of years, the human being is consuming orange. Orange is consumed as a fruit, juice, and many more ways. Orange is rich with many health advantages.

Orange is a common fruit in most parts of the world. Many facts about Orange is hidden behind its mind-blowing taste. Here we gathered some of the most mindblowing facts about oranges.

The first traces of orange consumption dates back to 314 bc. Mentions of sweet oranges are found in ancient Chinese literature. Originated from that part of the world, a hybrid of Mandarin orange and pomelo is the first sweet citrus human ever cultivated.

The name orange finds its roots in the Sanskrit word 'Naranga'.

Brazil produces the highest amounts of oranges in the world followed by China. In the 2019-2020 session, Brazil has produced 15.62 million metric tons of Orange.

If you're in California, leave your orange out of your bathing area. It is illegal to eat an orange in your bathtub In California. A law made in 1920, prohibited eating an orange in the bathtub, as then it was believed that natural bath oils and orange mixed can create a highly explosive mixture. Luckily, Now we know it's not true.

There are around 600 species of oranges. Around 50 of them are commonly cultivated and consumed.

Have you ever imagined an orange superhero? Well, Marvel comics created a superhero called 'Captain Citrus' back in 2014. 'Captain Citrus' was created as a promotional superhero for promoting healthy living to young children.

According to many cake producers, orange is the third most loved cake flavor.

Orange Juice is the most chosen juice flavor in the USA.

In Switzerland Orange is eaten with whipped cream and sugar.

As of Plant taxonomy, oranges are berries. Berries are simple fruits stemming from one flower with one ovary and typically have several seeds, according to this definition Oranges are true berries but a bit big in size.

Orange can lower the risks of stroke, especially for women.

After the Second World war concentrated orange juice became available.

Valencia is the most cultivated orange species in the world.

Orange is particularly rich in fibers. One orange can contain the number of fibers that are contained by at least 5 cups of cornflakes.

Unlike many things like plague and malaria, Christopher Columbus has brought also the oranges to the Americas.

In many traditions and cultures, orange is a symbol of love.

The State Flower of Florida is Orange Blossom.

University of Maryland Medical Center has shown in research that orange repairs our body as vitamin C is good for healing wounds.

Only 20% of the orange production is sold as whole fruits, the rest goes for many productions like packed orange juice, extracts, and dried orange products.

The citric acid of orange helps prevent forming kidney stones.

Orange can lower bad cholesterol levels in your body.

Citrus bergamia, the bergamot orange is mainly produced as the source of orange flavor for food and cosmetics.

Only 1% of all orange blossoms turn into fruit.

Orange trees can live up to a century.

One orange seed can grow more than one plant of orange.

Orange is a nutritious tasty food. One orange every day is a must. Have a healthy and tasty life.