18 Most Amazing Boat Facts

The boat is the earliest form of transportation ever used by humans. The boat has been used as transportation for thousands of years. Boats can reach almost everywhere on earth. Humans have been making boats from prehistoric times. Boats are made with wood, aluminum, even plastics. Most of us have ridden boats.

Many centuries have passed by since boat has been discovered but it is still the most efficient way of transport. The boat is known to almost everyone. Many interesting boat facts that are unknown to many. Here are some amazing boat facts.

The oldest traces of boat dates back to 900,000 years.

Boats have been found in almost every continental areas.

Dugouts are thought to be the oldest form of boats.

In the ancient world, every civilization had its own type of boat craftings. Like India had "Uru", Arabs had "Dhow", Egyptians had "Felucca", Vikings had "Langskip".

British Royals Family has their own boat still today. This boat is a superyacht called, "Her Majesty's Yacht Britannia".

Toilet was called "Head" as it was situated there on a boat.

The idea and the noun of Quarantine are derived from isolating ships for 40 days during a plague outbreak.

Wyoming was the largest wooden ship ever built. It was 140 meters long.

With an estimated speed of 15 knots, Viking vessels were the fasted ships of ancient seas.

The fasted boat of the modern world is the Spirit of Australia with an eye-watering 317.6 MPH top speed.

Seawise Giant is the largest ship ever made by length, displacement (657,019 tonnes), and deadweight tonnage.

Pioneering Spirit is the heaviest boat ever made. With a gross tonnage of 403,342.

The world's largest Superyacht - the Triple Duece measures 222 meters from nose to stern and will cost over $1 Billion USD to build.

The basic difference between a boat and a ship is that boats are designed for rivers and inland waterways, ships for seas and oceans.

Historians think the first boats were built by apes! Homo Erectus, which is pronounced ''HO-mo ee-REK-tus,'' was a smart ape that first developed almost two million years ago in Africa.

Nearly one-third of U.S. adults went boating in 2006, up nearly two percent from the previous year.

Brunswick Boat Group is the largest maker of pleasure boats in the world.

There are 102,194 commercial ships worldwide.

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