35 Cool And Clever Facts About Crows

We hear crow calls every day in most parts of the world. Crow is a very common bird living almost everywhere except South America and The Antarctic. Black and not so beautiful this bird has a bad reputation in myths and daily life. Crow is a common name for many species of Corvus. Evolving from the central Asia crow has reached many parts of the world. The crow is usually a free-living bird. There are also many wild and forest crows.

From the earliest of human civilization, crow lives around humans. Crows are interesting birds. There are many interesting facts about crows. Here are some mind-blowing crow facts.

Crow is an intelligent bird and can reason out cause and effect. Not only in the stories of Eshop in real life too crows can find a way to the thing they need.

Crows can use tools.

A group of crows is called a murder. This is because when a member of a flock dies they always gather and mourn the loss.

Crows save food for later.

The thick-billed raven is the largest crow measuring up to 25 inches on average. Weighting around 1.5 on average It is also the heaviest crow.

Crows can remember faces and hold a long grudge sometimes.

Hawaiian crow and the Mariana crow are listed as endangered species.

In the Quran, it is said that Allah sent a crow to show Cain how to bury the body of his brother, Abel after Cain had killed him. Cain then became very regretful about what he’d done.

Crow can imitate humans.

Crows investigate the cause of death of a fellow crow.

In Australian aboriginal mythology, the crow is a trickster, culture hero, and ancestral being.

Young crows help parents raise other newborns.

Crows have a bigger brain in proportion to their bodies comparing with dolphins and apes.

The color of a crow egg is bluish-green.

Crows have good communication skills and they share information with each other.

Crows are seen rubbing ants on their feathers, this is because ants release formic acid. This formic acid acts as a repellent against parasites and harmful microorganisms.

A pair of crows make a nest in the same place every year.

Red-tailed hawks, horned-owls, and raccoons are the main enemies of crows.

Crows can create a group to complete a task. Sometimes they disturb bigger animals while other crow snatches food items from that animal.

Crows usually live for around 20 years. The longest living crow ever recorded died at the age of 59.

Almost all mythologies have stories of crows. In Viking mythology, a crow is a symbol of god Odin.

Crows can have 250 types of calls.

In the bird, kingdom crows live with parents for the longest time. Usually, a crow lives with parents for 3-5 years.

Crows have a record of solving complex puzzles.

Researchers from the University of Vienna showed in research that raven punishes the selfishness of other ravens.

Crows give gifts if befriend a human.

Crows have caused clack outs in Japan.

Different flocks of crows dialect in different ways. If a crow joins a new flock it tries to imitate popular crows of that flock.

Caledonian crow can make and use its own tools.

Crows don't leave an area usually if there's a good supply of food.

There are 31 million American crows.

Over thousands of crows are often seen roosting together.

Three-legged crows can be found only in Japanese mythology.

Crows love to hang in around cemeteries because often these places are empty.

Having an appetite for almost everything edible crows are the biggest cleaner for megacities.

Some ravens can imitate human speech better than parrots.

Crows are one of the best scavengers of nature. They help to keep the city clean. Crows are not bad women or bad signals in anyways. Hope one day you find a talking crow and befriend with that.