25+ Fun Facts About Cashew Nuts

Cashewnut is one of the best nuts. We can consume Cashewnut directly or can use it in different ways. Cashew nut is rich with vitamins, fat, and nutritions. The name of the tree is also cashew. This tasty nut is also healthy food. Cashew is cultivated in many parts of the world. Cashew fruit is also edible and usable for different purposes. It is also one of the most used and consumed nuts.

Cashew Nut is one of the most favorite nuts. Many peole love Cashew Nut. These are some mindblowing cashew nut facts.

The name cashew nut is derived from the Portuguese word Caju, which means the "nut that produces itself".

Though cashew nut is considered a nut in a culinary sense, it is a seed.

By the amount of consumption, Cashewnut is the 4rth most popular nut in the world.

The amount of cashew consumption is 792 thousand metric tonnes worldwide, According to statistica.com in 2018.

Over 5.93 million metric tonnes of cashew is produced worldwide in 2018.

Cashewnut grows in warmer hilly places. Cashew trees can not survive in freezing temperatures.

Cashew nut is native to Brazil. Later it spread out to many parts of the world in many ways.

Vietnam is the leading producer of cashew nut. In 2017 Vietnam alone produced 863,060 tones of cashew nut.

Portuguese sailors brought cashew nut to India. Now India is the second-largest producer of cashew nut.

United States consumes 90% of all cashew crops alone.

Cashew fruit is known as cashew apple.

Cashew has a high-fat content. So it can be a dairy substitute.

Cashew is also used to make industrial products like paint and brake liners.

Studies have shown that Cashew is good for diabetic and blood pressure patients.

Cashew nut contains high amounts of Magnesium. Magnesium can help maintain a healthy immune system.

Two cashew nut every day can supply 138% of daily essential mineral copper.

Cashew nut contains more minerals than any other nuts.

November 23 is the National Cashew Day in the United States of America.

April 21st is National Chocolate Covered Cashew Day.

Cashew nut Contains a small amount of zeaxanthin. Zeaxanthin promotes eye health.

Cashewnut seed contains certain types of acids that have antivenom properties. The seed can be used to treat snake bites.

In south America people make drinks from cashew apples.

Cashew nut oil is also a nutritious edible oil.

Anacardic acids in cashew nut can promote dental health.

Moderate and regular consumption of cashew nut can help lose weight faster.

Cashew nut without salt is healthier.

Cashew nut is healthy food. Cashew nut is nutritious and tasty. Eat cashew nuts every day.