33+ Cool and Interesting Shoe Facts

The shoe is a daily accessory. Human being has been wearing shoes for thousands of years. Shoes are of many kinds, colors, and shapes. Different for ages and gender shoes are also fashion material for years now. There are many big shoe manufacturers. It's said that good shoes can make a long way. From myths to new generation stories shoes are widely present.

In many ways shoes are part of our life and culture. Many people collect shoes as a hobby. Though wearing shoes every day many amazing facts about shoes are still unknown to many. More than need people who love shoes. Lets us give them a look.

Human being has been wearing shoes from 7000-8000 bc or earlier days. The oldest ever found shoes in the USA are from 7000-8000 bc. These oldest shoes are sagebrush bark sandals.

Archeologist believes that our toe has grown thinner because of wearing shoes approximately 40,000 to 26,000 years ago.

Roman soldiers had the dress shoes as the first army. The higher the rank the better the shoe was. Top officers wore boots made from leather.

The now common hill shoes were invented in Europe. Though only royalty and elites had access to shoes.

There was no industrial operation to make shoes until the mid 18th century.

Hill shoe was a men's fashion before it became fashionable for a woman. Man of the early 10th century wore high heel boots.

Chopines were the hill for the woman before modern high hills.

An average woman buys 469 pairs of shoes in an average lifetime.

The average height of a shoe hill is 3 inches.

You can be addicted to shoes for real. Because the prefrontal cortex in the brain can get triggered if you like a shoe.

The Frye Company the oldest sustaining shoe company in the world. This American footwear company is 157 years old and still operating.

Adidas is the first international sneaker company.

Founded in 1964, Nike is now the largest shoe company by Revenue.

According to worldfootwear.com over 23.0 billion pairs of shoes are manufactured in the year 2015.

According to common objectives Commonobjective.co the global footwear market is worth $352 billion in retail sales.

Audrey Hepburn made loafers famous when she danced in black loafers in her 1957 film, ‘The Funny Face’.

Before adopting the modern measurement system barleycorns were typically used to measure the shoe size.

The shoes of Neil Armstrong which he was wearing while walking on the moon was not brought back to the earth. The pair was discarded by him to avoid some risks of contamination.

Chiral footwear was introduced in the 19th century, before that identical shoes wear worn in both feet.

In ancient China, girls had to wear very kin shoes in order to make their feet smaller.

There are different etiquette for shoes in different cultures and religions. Like Jews don't wear leather shoes or any shoes to mourn, In Japan, you don't bring shoes inside the house and in Islam and Hinduism, you have to leave shoes out of the prayer hall.

Laces are the oldest feature of shoes.

Joseph Sparkes Hall invented The First Elastic-Sided Boots and gifted the first pair to Queen Victoria in 1837.

Sneakers are a wild craze now. The name sneaker was given for its rubber sole that made little or no noise while walking.

JADA DUBAI AND PASSION JEWELLERS PASSION DIAMOND SHOES is the most expensive pair of shoes right now, priced at USD 23.6 MILLION.

A pair of Michael Jordan Mania sold in May 2020 has become the most expensive pair of sneakers ever sold. The pair was sold for $560,000.

A pair of iconic Ruby Red Slippers were sold for $660,000. This special pair was worn by actress Judy Garland in The film Wizard of Oz.

Jordy Geller has the largest collection of sneakers. This collection had 2,504 at its peak and it's all Nike.

Designer Salvatore Ferragamo invented wedge shoes. He was experimenting with different materials because of a shortage of steel in Italy at that time

There are images of shoes depicted in Spanish cave paintings, which are approximately 15,000 years old.

The ancient Indian wooden sandals are called the Paduka. These sandals are around five thousands year old.

In Biblical times giving sandals was a symbol of an oath.

Maine has a law that you cant walk in the streets with your shoelaces untied.

At least 70 worker works on one pair of Stuart Weitzman heels during its manufacture.

Open toed shoes were designed specially to sunbath.

Shoes do not only need every day but more than that for many of us. It's said that men can be recognized by their shoes. It may be sneakers or formals but every pair of shoes has something to say. This is all we have on shoes for today.