5 Ways How to Crop a PDF on Mac Computers

Do you need to remove a certain part of your PDF page or document? You will get so many solutions on how to crop a PDF on Mac to make it precise. PDF documents should look the same without any changes when shared, regardless of what OS you’re using.   Standard viewer on Mac doesn’t allow crop PDFs easily. It can be easy on a Mac computer using the following simpler methods. You can edit a PDF even if it is unalterable and locked. Let’s find out what these ways are and how to use them for free. Why Crop a PDF on Mac? PDF is a file that makes seeing a file simple on nearly all kinds of devices. Users don’t need extra software installed on their devices for viewing the file. PDFs are used to share information across platforms. You may need to crop a file to divide it into smaller portions. You need to crop a PDF when you have to share only some content instead of the whole file. Cropping helps in highlighting important information or removing co

Spotify hits 195 million paid subscribers

With an additional 273 million free users, the platform has a total of 456 million MAUs Spotify now has 195 million paying subscribers, the company announced on Tuesday, an increase of 7 million since last quarter, surpassing guidance by 1 million net adds. The company expects to cross the 200 million mark by the end of the year.