How You Can Make $5000/month Using Pinterest

Pinterest is the most sales-centric social media platform available to e-commerce retailers today. Over 1.7 million merchants are finding new customers on the platform. The latest stats show that: Active Pinners spend twice as much shopping each month and have an 85% larger order size. ( Pinterest brings in 33% more referral traffic to user websites than Facebook. ( LED Submersible Lights are the top-selling item on Pinterest followed by Scented Candles, Beanies & Portable projectors. ( This information clearly says that Pinterest is the best place to give your business a kickstart. You can grow a $5,000 sales profit on Pinterest 33% easier than on Facebook. While most marketers and merchants use their full social media time to create ads on Facebook, you can take the advantage of free and organic traffic before many other businesses. Before going to any details, you can check out my latest blog 3 Mistakes To Avoid: Tai

3 Mistakes To Avoid: Tailoring A Pinterest Strategy 2022

What Is Pinterest Pinterest is an image-sharing social media. It is one of the fastest-growing social media right now. There are over 500 million users on the platform. Over 1.5 million brands showcase their products and services on social media. It is a high-performing marketing channel as around 70% of users are actively shopping from the platform. Pinterest For Business Pinterest works great for promoting your business. You can share your products, find customers and create a brand identity with this platform. Ideas are represented by a Pin. It is an image that is searched and saved by the users. Pins can also link back to websites. That helps for driving traffic to your website or eCommerce shop and drive sales. You can also share information about your products on the platform. Creating Pintrest Strategy Pinterest is easy to use. The best advantage of the platform is it is completely free to use. You can create both organic and ad pins. Users can create 2 types of pins.